Je nám jasné, že při nákupu chcete jistotu, že dostanete kvalitní s jistotou dodání a kamarádským jednáním...:-) 

Proto zde nalezente dva odkazy na reference pro naše trička s příběhem:



Doufáme, že budete mít jistotu, že kupujete kvalitní trička a přejeme příjemené zážitky s našimi tričky...:-)

Své zkušenosti a zážitky můžete připojit i do diskuze níže...:-)

Komentáře k Reference

9.8.2015 04:00

I met with some colleagues here a few mnoths back. I have to say, this place didn't do it for us in the slightest. The music was not interesting, with a play list like one of those mainstream party mixes with songs from Britney Spears and Beyonce. It wasn't new enough to be cool and wasn't old enough to be kitschy. Just lazy and uninspired generics. Whats worse is that it was so loud that we basically had to yell over the table to talk to each other. Thats understandable if you are in a dance club, but this places plays like a cocktail bar. You should be able to hear people at your table at a reasonable enough level. The price of cocktails was off-putting. I ordered a Cuba Libre, and I believe it cost in the neighborhood of 130-150kc and it came in a small glass, probably three deciliters. I should have ordered a bottle of coke for 40kc and a shot of rum for 70kc, then stolen a lime from the bar. I would have gotten more drink and spent less. I decided to switch to overpriced beer instead. There is no way I'd drop 150kc on a Cuba Libre in a place like this.What topped it all off was the bartender coming over to our table with a tray of shots. It was a nice gesture to offer the table of people who had been buying overpriced drinks for several hours, although I'm pretty sure that he just wanted to flirt with the girls in our group (fair enough). We took the shots with him and thanked him for the drinks. As we were leaving the place, a friend of ours was stuck inside for several minutes. Eventually she walked out steaming mad, saying some pretty bad words in Czech. Turns out that the round of shots that the bartender gave to us were not complimentary. No one remembered ordering them in our group, but our friend had paid the bill anyways, as the bar staff was quite insistent about someone picking up the tab.So yeah, thumbs down to Zanzibar on several levels. There isn't a redeeming quality to the place, if you ask me.

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